Dr. Christine Hatchard
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I provide thorough and cost effective forensic evaluations for individuals involved in sexual abuse civil litigation. I am an expert in the sequelae of sexual abuse and knowledgeable of the laws related to sexual abuse litigation in New Jersey.

 I received a certificate in psychological assessment in my doctoral training for completing additional coursework and training in assessment beyond the requirements of a clinical psychology doctoral degree. I also trained in a forensic private practice specializing in family law. I am qualified to administer a wide variety of measures and utilize both objective and projective personality tests to increase the validity of my conclusions. 

 I am highly effective in communicating the results of testing in an understandable manner and integrating findings from testing, biographical information, medical and therapist records and clinical interviews, to provide a comprehensive report that can stand up in court.

​Contact me through my practice, Mosaic Psychological Associates for more information.

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