Dr. Christine Hatchard
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
In 1999, I founded Making Daughters Safe Again​ (MDSA), a nonprofit organization based in NJ. I currently serve as the Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors. MDSA is the only organization in the world to focus exclusively on providing information and support services for women who were sexually abused in childhood by their mothers. This is a form of abuse that tends to be under-reported and not addressed in graduate training.

I have worked with hundreds of abuse survivors, both online and in-person through individual and group psychotherapy, weekend retreats and one-day workshops. I produced a documentary in 2011 and my clinical work was filmed for an upcoming documentary to be aired in Canada in 2014. I also provide invited lectures and trainings to Psychology students and mental health professionals, most recently in London, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida. Upcoming talks in Washington, Florida and South Africa.

Please visit the MDSA website for more information on mother-daughter sexual abuse and services offered through the organization.

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