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Mosaic Psychological Associates, LLC

Mosaic Psychological Associates provide a range of professional services. Our clients benefit from skilled clinicians who are scholars and experts in the fields of Clinical and Counseling Psychology.


​We are a general community-based practice treating adolescents through adults with a variety of outpatient concerns in individual, couples and group therapy. However, psychotherapy is not only for those experiencing significant distress. Therapy can benefit anyone interested in developing personal insight, managing stress or improving the quality of his or her relationships with others. 

The success of psychotherapy is highly dependent upon the relationship between the therapist and client. At Mosaic, we are skilled in building trust and feelings of safety when working with all clients.

Our practice areas include:

- Depression
- Stress and Anxiety
- Phobias, including Iatrophobia (fear of doctors)
- Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
- Survivors of Sexual Abuse, including Same Sex Abuse
- Post-Traumatic Stress
- Disordered Eating and Emotional Eating
- Sexuality, including Sexual Dysfunction
- Relationship Issues
- Adoption, including transracial adoption (adoptees, adolescent and adults)
- Emotional Intelligence development
- Adjustment to College and Young Adults
- Parenting Challenges
- Couples Counseling
- Support for those involved in lawsuits or divorce
- Therapy for Helping Professionals
​- Multicultural Counseling
- Racial Identity Development

Unique Programs

Do you consider yourself a therapy "failure"? Although no therapist can guarantee results, we will work with you to attempt to identify where and why your previous therapy became stalled and provide you with options for continued care, whether it is within our office or through a referral to other appropriate professionals. 

We also offer an innovative program called Family Psychology or Preventative Care. For a low fee, we will meet with you and as many members of your immediate family (children too!) as requested, take a family history, conduct a mental health check-up, identify any potential issues and talk about any developmental concerns. We will get to know you and/or your family and you will get to know us. When anyone in your family needs assistance, you can call us and have access to a trained mental health professional who already knows your background and is ready to help, whether you/your family member needs one session or a series of sessions. Allowing problems to fester or trying to find a therapist and starting from scratch when you reach the point of needing help is difficult. Let us help you with the preventative care that you and your family deserve. This program is available to individuals as well!

Contact us to get started! Our goal is to see you within 24 hours of your call if requested. We provide a sliding scale fee as part of our commitment to making mental health care affordable and accessible.

Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Hatchard, Director of Mosaic, provides thorough and cost effective forensic evaluations for individuals involved in sexual abuse civil litigation, sexual harassment, hostile workplace and other personal injury cases in which psychological damages need to be established. She is an expert in the sequelae of sexual abuse and trauma and knowledgeable of the laws related to sexual abuse litigation, including statute of limitations and delayed discovery considerations. She received a certificate in psychological assessment in her doctoral training for completing additional coursework and training in assessment beyond the requirements of a clinical psychology doctoral degree and also trained in a forensic private practice specializing in family law. She is qualified to administer a wide variety of measures and utilize both objective and projective personality tests to increase the validity of her conclusions. 

She is highly effective in communicating the results of testing in an understandable manner and integrating findings from testing, biographical information, medical and therapist records and clinical interviews, to provide a comprehensive report that can stand up in court.​ 

We accept referrals from attorneys for forensic evaluations for civil litigation.

Dr. Hatchard is also one of the few experts in the world on mother-daughter sexual abuse, and can provide evaluations and testimony for family, criminal or civil court where mother-daughter sexual abuse is suspected or alleged.

Consultation With Other Helping Professionals

Dr. Hatchard is a leading expert in treating survivors of sexual abuse and a leading expert in mother-daughter sexual abuse, namely women who were sexually abused by their mothers in childhood. She conducts research on female perpetrated sexual abuse and through her nonprofit, Making Daughters Safe Again, has worked with hundreds of survivors and provided trainings to other professionals.  She is available for consultation with helping professionals on any area of her practice, but is especially skilled in working with survivors of sexual abuse and mother-daughter sexual abuse specifically, which is an overlooked form of abuse which results in unique concerns and clinical issues for survivors.

Presentations From Expert Speakers

Drs. Goodwin and Hatchard are full-time faculty members in the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University and have taught a wide range of courses ​to undergraduate and graduate students. They have prepared guest lectures, conference presentations and trainings to other organizations and other professionals. They are dynamic and informed speakers who have been invited to speak both nationally and internationally. 

Dr. Hatchard, Director of Mosaic, has appeared on television, newspaper and radio and her clinical work was featured in a documentary which aired nationally in Canada in 2014. She directed and produced a documentary entitled Who Will Love Me?: Four Stories of Mother-daughter Sexual Abuse, which can be paired with a clinical presentation. 

Some of our previous audiences have included:

- General Public
- Mental Health Professionals (Counselors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers)
- Teachers, School and Guidance Counselors
- High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students (outside of Monmouth University)
- Survivors of Abuse
- Medical Professionals (Psychiatrists and Nurses)
- Nutritionists
- University Faculty and Administrators

We can present on a variety of topics, including those within our practice (listed above) or research areas. Please contact us to set up a presentation or training for your group or organization!

 I would like to thank Dr. Hatchard for speaking at the Therapeutic Oasis in Florida. As a treating professional, I was deeply impacted by the presentation and gained knowledgeable information that I will bring into my own clinical practice. 
- Dr. Nicole Friedman, Licensed Psychologist and co-founder of Therapuetic Oasis of the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, Florida

Dr. Hatchard's talk was both inspirational and emotional. Through her extensive work in this field and use of her powerful documentary she was able to talk passionately and confidently about the issues faced by mother abused women, offering unique advice to therapists and counsellors. Dr. Hatchard is an extremely effective lecturer and I highly recommend her. 
- Dr. Lisa Doodsen, Director, Dept of Psychology, Regents College, London

I was deeply impressed by Dr. Hatchard’s knowledge...and her ability to teach such a challenging topic in an engaging manner that encouraged discussion. My students gave her talk and documentary high praise. They found her style of teaching to be intelligent, compelling, and clear, as did I. 
- Dr. Bethany Brand, Professor of Psychology, Towson University, Maryland

Thanks again so much for an extraordinary morning at our facility! I know that everyone in attendance was deeply moved.
- Christie Caggiani, RD, LD/N, Nutrition Therapist /Owner, Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, Florida

[Dr. Hatchard] was everything we could have hoped; she was warm and engaging with the audience,  answering (sometimes difficult) questions with knowledge and authority, and providing valuable insights. The audience clearly felt comfortable asking questions they might otherwise have been reluctant to ask, and we got wonderful feedback from them afterwards about Dr. Hatchard. 
- Anika Chapin, Literary Manager, Two River Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey

*Note that we do not collect testimonials from clients for ethical reasons
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