Dr. Christine Hatchard
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Thank you for your interest in my psychological services. I provide individual and group psychotherapy to adolescents through adults. My areas of specialty are trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and sexual disorders. However, psychotherapy is not only for those experiencing significant distress.  Therapy can benefit anyone interested in developing personal insight, managing stress or improving the qualify of his or her relationships with others. 

The success of psychotherapy is highly dependent upon the relationship between the therapist and client. As an expert in the treatment of survivors of abuse, I am skilled in building trust and feelings of safety when working with all clients. As a professor, forensic evaluator, researcher and expert speaker, I communicate effectively with clients and  maintain a current and extensive knowledge base of Psychology from which to draw to assist me in understanding my clients from a holistic perspective. 

Contact me through my practice, Mosaic Psychological Associates.

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